My quest with Gandhi Ji began in 2005. At 29 years old I lay my hands on “My Experiments with Truth”, Gandhi’s autobiography. Little did I know that this Rs 20/- book, would open a treasure of insights and inspiration, all from a man who I realized was completely ordinary but who achieved extraordinary feats by sheer faith, self determination and, above all, by following the path of peace.

The book’s impact on me was inescapable. I knew I had to share the path of peace, the inspiration I found in Gandhi’s work with as many people and as many communities as possible.

I began to read about Gandhi Ji in great depth, I travelled across the world to meet veteran Gandhian’s as well as ordinary people doing life-changing work on peace, non-violence, social justice, green technologies, climate control, health-hygiene, color bias, sexism, self-empowerment all inspired by Gandhi Ji. These people belonged to different professions and communities. For me it was a journey of discovery – of “Peace in Action” – peace as a way of life that is still relevant today. Now my mission is crystallizing in the shape of “Youth4Gandhi” Foundation.
Janhavi Prasada, Founder
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